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OK, just saw the doctor Go to a doctor or back to the doctor and tell them to scrape for scabies because you know they are there. Hey Jane, How wonderful that your daughter is comfortable enough to talk to you about it! I see doctor and they prescribe me medicines and the itch got subside abit but it still came again what is this.???

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What kind of recourse do I have if he rented me this apt knowing it had an infestation? Hi … my legs,thighs,and hands are itching. The biracial twins that defy race: Should you let your child drink juice?

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MI is a preservative designed to extend shelf life, and has no useful properties for users of the products. My legs have been bothering me for over two years and they are so scared up now that I refuse to wear skirts and shorts in public. Treating scabies involves preventing further parasitic infestation. Have you ever tried taking a vitamin B supplement. At time it will itch and when scratched will rise even more.

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