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Lady gaga is a jew who is promoted by the Jews who control the music industry behind a strange cult devil facade, So they promote her as hip and trendy and people actually buy into that shit. Hunting doesnt upset me unless its poaching or just for the fur without utilizing the rest of the animal. I always thought she was beautiful but yeah, not at all the same. Race isnt everything, regardless shes so beautiful alive or dead, she lives on thru her music. Selena is my all time favorite person aside from my own my mom, family, and AlbertEinstein. This still makes me cry cause as a very small child I looked up to Selena for being a musician, an entrepreneur, and an all around warm and wonderful human being. She could have changed her music with the times, as some stars tend to do, like Madonna.

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After a few shenanigans with going to a hospital and then to a motel, Selena remained adamant about Yolanda handing over the papers to which Yolanda, being the responsible gun owner, responded by shooting Selena in the back, severing her artery. Slaughter Spain and all of its foul offspring south of America. Her family fought to keep these pics off the net. That ho is a ho!

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Flore138, Message me to find out :3.

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So tragic what happened: They were removed right away from shelves as the family had just freshly buried her and filed suit against the paper. I thought they would be really gory considering how hard her dad fought to get rid of them.

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