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Emotional maturity is often faked, but it can't be faked for long. Remember, you're not with her to tell her everything. No children. i feel threatened that hes getting close to her, even though she lives many states away. I don't know that it really has become an emotional affair. Don't tell your dog.

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When is the difficult part, especially as neither of us has vacation time coming up soon. So she used your bathroom. Is that what you are saying here. And now, this past weekend happened.

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hardepijper, Hi, hows it going, im Alex and im looking for some friends and people to go do things with no matter what it is or when, i have plenty of time on my hands for now. but ill be out of Missouri in 4.... I like: sex on the street.

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You ignored a "red flag" as you mention it is, and it seems that it truly bothers. Into the dating scene again.

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