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I talked a bit about it in this post, if you are interested: Pain the butt 3: Following the guidelines they give you to restore function after the operation is usually the best way to go. A tight muscle is a sore muscle upon compression due to a reduced blood flow to that muscle. At that point in time, begin with gentle stretching, such as the cross-legged stretch while pulling up on the knee. One question I would like to ask you is, are there any treatment options for scenario 1?

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Newsletters Delivered to your inbox. October 3, at 7: Acetaminophen Tylenol also can relieve pain. Thank you Olga for making it it clearer. This can be an extremely frustrating and debilitating problem. Sounds like ischial bursitis which is an inflamation of the bursa fluid sac between the hamstring and the ischial bone in the buttock.

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