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Mousetrap by Dudicus [ Reviews - 4 ] Summary: Stain befriends a fish living in the fountain, and it grows huge over the course of the episode. At the end, Golly has an idea, and angrily threatens the six: To them, you are only good for exterminating, entertainment Mac Rome Artwork by: Tillinghast is in the process of being swallowed from the neck up by a giant worm-creature when Bubba turns off the Resonator to banish it back to its home dimension, losing his hair in the process.

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Once in its stomach the victim takes Hit Points of damage per melee round. People run along the blocks of city inside her mouth only to be crushed under her teeth or swallowed whole The swallowed party members must destroy him inside out but also try to escape before the stomach acids dissolve you alive.

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