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Note that Bottlerocket In Butt you meet with Rebecca, it is not possible to return to the Castle or any other area that you have been before until the game is over. They get critical hit ability, and they can use their hands and feet effectively, saving you the trouble of having to equip them. Given the length of Wizardry VI, you should probably plan to switch all of your characters to new classes once in the middle of the game, probably when you find the River Styx as you have access to the castle still and can fight some weaker random encounters to get through the first few levels again. You should have in mind, when you start the game, what your entire party should look like, and what classes if any you plan on switching characters to, and how balanced your party is for dealing with problems at low and high levels. When you return, use the raft to get the Winged Boots. When you create a new Bard or Ninja, you should spend points in Skullduggery to get started. Where to put your additional bonus attribute points, what skills to select, and what spells to learn.

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The starting square is 0, 0 on level 0. Rolling up dozens of characters until you get one that has the bonus points you need. Samurai are excellent fighters, have the ability to do critical hits, and they start picking up mage spells. Save before trying to pick a lock as failure often jams the door shut.

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