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SpongeBob decides to, literally, make a new friend, and after several failed attempts, he blows a bubble figure whom he names Bubble Buddy. Errors The captions cut off too early at several points in the episode, and sometimes only stay on for a split second before disappearing. It falls on October 9. During the scene with the menu, the prices are gone. Unlike other episodes, this episode shows that Squidward can actually make Krabby Patties correctly rather than burning them. After Squidward is done with every way Bubble Buddy prefers his patties, he says says that the bun on the Krabby Patties has no crust, but there is clearly crust on the buns.

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After the meal, Bubble Buddy pays with "bubble-money," which quickly pops and infuriates Squidward and Mr. SpongeBob happily cries for his friend blowing up so fast before leaving in a flurry of bubbles. In this episode, SpongeBob creates a bubble friend. All but one of them pop, and Squidward, left behind in a daze, awkwardly greets it. If you were looking for the article about the characterthen see Bubble Buddy character.

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When Francis says that SpongeBob kept them waiting for a bubble, there is a black whale in the line, but when Larry says that he called him fat, the whale is next to Larry. As the crowd throws SpongeBob out of the way, Squidward brings down his needle. SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy next go to the Goo Lagoonwhere they continue to cause trouble with their benign antics: If you were looking for the article about the characterthen see Bubble Buddy character. Seriously though, did season 2 h

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